Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Surveys?

What is Survey Research?

Survey research is a legitimate and scientific process of acquiring data and opinions from the public. Researchers seek to determine the public's opinion regarding products, issues, candidates, and other topics. Such information is used to develop new products, improve services, influence policy, and is used by health care providers, the government, airlines, private businesses and others. The survey research process is necessary to improve or maintain quality of life.

What are Online Surveys?

Consumers answer questions on the Internet or they participate in online interviews (focus groups) and in exchange they are paid money (up to $250 an hour).

Internet Research is a growing trend that gives marketers a reliable alternative to traditional ways of collecting consumer opinions. Surveying consumers on-site, over the telephone or through the mail is expensive and time-consuming. Online surveys are faster and cheaper. For this reason, developing large online panels has become a priority for marketing research companies and they are willing to pay for our opinions.

What is a Focus Group?

A focus group is a personal interview simultaneously conducted among a small number of individuals. The interview relies more on group discussion than on a series of directed questions to generate data. It is also called a group in-depth interview.

Focus groups are often held online using chat systems and they pay up to $250 for sharing your opinions in an interactive manner.

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is the practice of using trained shoppers to anonymously evaluate customer service, operations, employee integrity, merchandising and product quality.

Companies use mystery shopping to measure the performance of their services and keep customers as satisfied as possible. This way they maintain their reputation and prevent losing customers due to poor customer service. It costs 10x more to recruit a new customer than keep an existing one, and one unhappy customer will tell 5 other people about his bad experience with a service! Companies use mystery shopping to prevent this from happening. It's a fun job that pays real money. You can earn money to shop in your favorite stores, eat in your favorite restaurants, drive a car, see a movie at your local theater or to play golf!

You can read in the Wall Street Journal about how a mystery shopper living in Manhattan makes $7000 a month for shopping at malls, drinking at bars, driving cars and taking weekend trips to Hawaii and Mexico.

Who pays for Survey Research and why?

Research assignments are ordered and paid by large corporations, government agencies, and institutions who know that listening carefully to consumers is important to their success.

What about my privacy? Should I be concerned?

Survey research companies will never reveal your identity, personal information or individual answers unless you specifically give them permission to do so.

As long as you work with legitimate research companies like the one listed in Maximum Paid Surveys, you shouldn't be concerned at all. Research companies handle consumers' privacy very seriously and all the information you supply is combined with the information provided by other participants.

How Does It Work?

What should I do to start getting paid by survey companies?

This is a four step process:

• Subscribe to Maximum Paid Surveys: You get immediate access to a broad collection of qualitative companies.
• Register with research companies. Your details are stored in their databases and according to your profile they will invite you by email to participate in surveys and focus groups.
• Fill out surveys and participate in focus groups.
• Get rewarded for your opinions.

That's all!

Who can participate in paid surveys?

Anyone that is at least 18 years old and live in the US! No special skill is required for participating in paid surveys. This is the perfect opportunity for students, stay-at-home moms, retired people, or ANYONE wanting to earn extra income.

I don't live in the United-States. Can I participate in paid surveys?

More surveys are conducted in the United States than in other countries. As a consequence it's much more difficult to earn money taking surveys when you live abroad. For this reason today we recommend this opportunity only to people living in the US and recruit only US citizens.

If you live in another country than the US click here for an opportunity that works from anywhere,

How many surveys can I take?

The sky is the limit! As many as you can!

The number of survey invitations you receive depends on the number of companies you have registered with (the more the better!) and on their requirements. These companies will send you an invitation if your profile matches these requirements (age, sex, education, profession, country, etc...).

There are plenty of surveys opportunities for everyone and with your email inbox will soon fill up with invitations.

How much can I make?

Your income will mainly depend on the number of companies you register with and on your personal profile. Everyone is different so we can't say exactly how much you will make. You can earn up to $10 for online surveys, up to $150 for shopping surveys, and up to $250 per hour for focus groups (in depth interviews). You won't get rich with paid online surveys but you can make easy money and have fun. So... Why not try? You have nothing to lose.

How will I get paid?

The companies that pay for your opinions sponsor the surveys and focus groups you participate in. In general you are not paid directly by these companies but by market research firms that conduct surveys on their behalf.

You can be paid by check sent by postal mail, online using PayPal or with coupons that you can use in leading stores on the Internet. You will always know the details up front.

About Maximum Paid Surveys

What does Maximum Paid Surveys do?

Since 2005 Maximum Paid Surveys is the leading directory of market research companies that are willing to pay for your opinions. This state-of-the-art database lists hundreds of money making opportunities, gives you access to boards of high paying surveys, and it provides tips and strategies that will help you make money as quickly and as easily as possible.

How is Maximum Paid Surveys different from other surveys sites?

What sets us apart from any other surveys sites is our exceptional value to our customers:
• Speed: We show you where and how to find quickly surveys paying high.
• Volume: We offer a huge directory of paid opportunities that is updated regularly.
• Reliability: All the programs have been thoroughly checked out to ensure you get only the best.
• Professionalism: Our database is organized in a state-of-the-art manner and has a friendly interface.
• Guidance: Tips, tricks and strategies to maximize your profit!
• Great Bonuses: You will be given access to multiple streams of income and discover top monetization models to maximize your profit!

If you're interested in getting paid for your opinions, Maximum Paid Surveys is the best-in-class resource. You'll have everything you need to cash in on surveys, shopping jobs, and more!

Is your membership a recurring fee?

No! It's a one-time fee that gives you an unlimited membership for you and your family.

Are there any other fees?

No! There aren't any other fees. All survey companies listed at Maximum Paid Surveys are free to join too. Legitimate survey companies in our database are willing to pay for your opinion but they will never ask for money under the guise of research.

Why does Maximum Paid Surveys have a membership fee?

The most difficult part about making money with paid surveys is finding and sorting through all the market research programs out there. It would take you months to find, evaluate, and keep track of all the real opportunities! We have worked years to set up this state-of-the-art database that will save you great amounts of time, hassle, and "trial and error" versus trying to do it all yourself. We have years of experience with paid surveys and Maximum Paid Surveys brings this experience to help you make a maximum amount of money as quickly and as easily as possible. Our staff works to keep it up-to-date and to find top new opportunities. Our site is hosted on a fast and reliable server. The small membership fee we request is needed for covering all these expenses and to continue to bring you the utmost quality.

Can I find all this information by myself for free on the Internet?

If you are a seasoned online searcher and have enough free time you can probably find most of the information included in Maximum Paid Surveys by yourself and for free (full transparency is important to us here). But how long will it take you to go through the time consuming "trial and error" process needed to seize this opportunity to its fullest?... Can you really afford to waste time?

Now if for less than $10 you could tap into the experience of a survey master that will share with you his best resources to earn as quickly as possible instead of shooting in the dark, don't you think that it would be a great investment?

Time is of the essence here and you'll discover that Maximum Paid Surveys is a great time saver that speeds your chances of earning money quickly.

What do I get with a full membership?

For only $7.47 you will get access to a big shortcut to many ways to earn from home:

• How to participate in focus group surveys paying up to $250 (video tutorials, board of current surveys and more)
• How to participate in shopping surveys paying up to $150 (video tutorials, board of current surveys and more)
• How to participate in the best paying online surveys (huge database, tips, and more)
• Data Entry Jobs Made Easy - Free Bonus
• 20 Ways To Earn $100 Per Day Online - Free Bonus
• An amazing free bonus that you'll discover only after you join...

You will get access not only to the most professional resource for paid surveys and mystery shopping jobs but also to a rich package of opportunities for people who want to make money from home, and all of it in a one time subscription of $7.47!

I would like to start immediately, is it safe to use my credit card online?

Absolutely! Your registration will be processed via SSL-encrypted secure servers, the industry standard, for a safe online transaction. Your information is 100% safe and secure!

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